Which platforms do you support?
We can integrate the Virtual Try On tool into any eCommerce platform (Shopify, Magneto, BigCommerce, etc.) or custom site.
How difficult is it to integrate into my site?
Zero effort. We can do it for you at no cost.
If you wish to integrate it yourself, the viewer is a single <iframe> tag that simply needs to be placed in your PDP template. We will walk you through this process.
How do you create the garments?
First, we need to know the dimensions of every size of every garment that will be displayed in the Virtual Try On viewer. We can acquire this information in any of the following ways:
  • From pattern files (Optitex, Clo, AccuMark, etc.)
  • From tech packs
  • By hand measuring the garments
  • By 3D scanning the garments
If you can send us a pattern file, send us a tech pack, ship us the garments or if we can order the garments from your site, we can add them to the Virtual Try On viewer.
What does garment digitization cost?
In most cases, nothing. Digitization is included as part of the monthly subscription pricing.
In some cases, the total digitization complexity requires we charge an additional digitization fee. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will go through your site and let you know if an additional charge will apply.
Is there anything you can’t digitize?
See through (lace, net, etc.), shiny (polished leather, foil, etc.) and thin features (ruffles, feathers, tassels, etc.) usually cannot be 3D scanned.
Most garments can be digitized from pattern files or tech packs.
The more complex a garment, the more difficult it will be or us to digitize and while we might be able to digitize it we might have to charge for the digitization.
Unsure if your garments can be digitized? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will go through your website and let you know what is possible.
Which customer segments use the viewer and why?
Shoppers primary use the viewer to solve 5 problems:
1 – New customers who have never tried on the clothing so they have no idea how it fits
2 – Returning customers who might know their size in one garment category (t-shirt) but who are unsure of their size in another garment category (jacket)
3 – Returning customers who can’t remember what size they typically order
4 – Returning customers who didn’t like the size they ordered in the past
5 – Returning customers whose body shape has changed meaningfully since their last purchase
Which customer segments do not use the viewer and why?
1 – Returning customers who are already certain of their size
2 – Customers who would prefer to order and try on all the sizes at home
3 – Customers with atypical body shapes. They are unable to create a representative body in the tool so the tool is not as valuable.
*Mobile body scanning to solve this problem coming soon*
How do I know if this will work for my company?
We want to make sure the Virtual Try On tool is materially benefitting your bottom line, so we always start with a short term pilot period where we A/B test the tool against your existing experience and let the data (conversions, AOV, returns) and your customer’s feedback determine if you should keep the tool.
How does the pilot work?
Before we roll Virtual Try Ons out across all your inventory, we start with a short term pilot period to determine the impact of the tool on your bottom line (conversions, AOV, returns). The pilot period is typically 1-2 months where we setup an A/B test against your existing experience and track how your site performs with Virtual Try Ons and compare it to how your site performs without Virtual Try Ons. We track conversions, AOV, returns (when possible) and collect direct customer feedback on the experience. When possible, we aim for statistical significance.
During and at the end of the pilot we review the results and you decide if you wish to roll Virtual Try Ons out across your website.
Can the Virtual Try Ons viewer be customized?
Yes and this done by default by our team. We customize the styling of the viewer so that it is on brand and blends in seamlessly with your online experience.
What is the process, from start to finish, to get Virtual Try Ons on my site?
1 – Reach out by filling out the form at the bottom of this page and someone will promptly be in touch.
2 – Demo. Do you need buy in from multiple parties at your company? We can produce a demo viewer with one of your garments for you to circulate with your team.
3 – Pilot prep. Together we decide which garments would be best to test with. We digitize those garments. You give us developer access to your site so we can install and customize the viewer on those PDPs. We still Google Analytics and Google Optimize so we can A/B test the Virtual Try On viewer and track the results.
4 – Pilot. We let the pilot run and track how it is performing vs. your existing experience. We can also collect contact information from customers who use it and reach out for direct feedback (highest quality feedback).
5 – Decide on if you want to roll out. You decide if you liked the results from the pilot. If you do, we digitize the remainder of your inventory and sign a contract.
6 – Go live. Virtual Try Ons are now available to all of your web traffic.
Which brands/retailers does Virtual Try Ons work best for?
You sell garments where fit is very important. Underwear, socks and baggy sweaters? Probably not a good fit.
You are a digitally native brand and therefore your customers have no or very few options to try your clothing on in-store.
You are targeting a geographical area where you have no or very few options for your customers to try on your clothing
You are a new brand and customers are generally unfamiliar with you. It’s difficult to build customer confidence, but Virtual Try Ons have been shown to help new customers build up the confidence to take a chance on something new.
You have non-standard sizing. Does your clothing run big? Small? tight? Loose? Long? Short? Virtual Try Ons are perfect for conveying how your sizing fits and flatters your customers.
You have many sizing options. Do you have more than 3 sizes? Do you offer multiple cuts? multiple lengths? Virtual Try Ons helps customers visualize the difference between each size variation.
You are a premium brand. Customers are less likely to purchase premium items online due to the financial risk (even with a fantastic returns policy).
You want to offer an elevated shopping experience. You want to differentiate your shopping experience and offer a delightful and cutting edge customer experience.
You have low conversion rates. Low conversion rates are generally symptomatic of low customer confidence. Virtual Try Ons helps bridge that shopping confidence gap.
You have high returns rates. Virtual Try Ons help customers pick out the right size for them, the first time around.
When do Virtual Try Ons NOT work?
We only support apparel retailers at this time. So no jewelry, shoes, hats, sunglasses, handbags or any other accessories unfortunately.
For fast fashion retailers and very fast turn over styles. Due to the time it takes to digitize a garment, if you have inventory that has a shelf life measured in days or just a few weeks, Virtual Try Ons probably isn’t a good fit because they’ll be sold out before customers even get to use the Virtual Try On tool.
If your inventory numbers in the thousands or tens of thousands of unique garments and sizes, we likely cannot support your entire inventory at this time. We could however provide Virtual Try Ons for a selection of your garments such as:
  • As a special feature for a new product launch
  • Your best sellers
  • Staples and long shelf life items
  • Items with the highest returns and lowest conversions
  • Most premium items
What is this customer body data?
Every customer that uses the Virtual Try On tool enters a height, weight and body type. This information is aggregated along with the garments they are virtually trying on so you can learn:
  • The body types of shoppers on your website
  • Which body types are buying and which are not
  • Which sizes each body type is choosing and how well those sizes fit
What about customer privacy?
When a customer uses the Virtual Try On tool, they provide a height, weight and body type. This is personal and sensitive data which we are very careful to protect by taking the following measures:
  • No personally identifiable information is collected. No names, no emails, no phone numbers, only combinations of heights/weights and body types.
  • Customer body data is only viewable in aggregate and only viewable by the specific retailer/brand.
  • Customer body data is never given nor sold to a 3rd party.
What is the impact on site performance?
The Virtual Try On viewer loads <1.5mb worth of data and can be lazy loaded to have no impact on any content loaded above the fold.
Are Virtual Try Ons accurate?
Yes! What you see in the viewer is how a garment would fit on that body in real life. We accomplish this by digitizing every garment in every size and then use our proprietary technology to virtually drape the garments on each unique body type.
The whole point of a Virtual Try On is to show a customer how something will look on them without them having to physically try it on, so accuracy is our primary objective.
What can I expect the impact of the tool to be?
Mizzen+Main saw a 23% increase in conversions when a customer used the tool during the pilot period. During the same pilot:
  • 25% of customers who used the tool and purchased reported they would not have purchased had it not been for the tool.
  • 18% of customers who used the tool and purchased reported buying more items than they would have because they were more confident in what they were buying.
  • 14% of customers who used the tool and purchased reported buying fewer sizes because they were more confident in what they were buying.
How much does it cost?
We have pricing suitable for small, medium and enterprise clients. Please fill out the contact form below for a quote.

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